Monday, February 25, 2008 

kids for tomorrow - the deployer ep

I found some free music while trawling the web the other night and must say it completely blew me away!

Its an EP titled 'the deployer ep' and its by 'kids for tomorrow'.

Tracklisting is:

01. Esto Perpetua
02. Only You Can Prevent Florist Fires
03. Flasc
04. Back to Helix
05. Holy Shit! (Great Balls of Fire)

To sum it up I would say its like BOC incorporating some early FSOL sounds with sprinklings of ORBesque samples. It flows wonderfully from start to finish and takes you on journeys through relaxation, paranoia, humour and bliss.

My first hearing was one of those moments when you feel as though you have just re-discovered music (or music has just re-discovered you!).

It might have been something to do with the copious amounts of alcohol I consumed coupled with listening to it with head phones - LOUDLY - but I seriously doubt it after several more listens in the meantime.

Do your ears a favour and get this!

Downloadable from here:


Sunday, February 24, 2008 

Boom Blox.

There is a new game on its way to the Wii called Boom Blox.
It is due for release in May 2008 and the movie guru Steven Spielberg has had much input on it. This preview simply looks great.

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Exocet - Battersea.

Here is the fantastic, finished version of a picture by Exocet.

I should have posted this ages ago as it was finished in late September 2007.

Battersea by Exocet

My original post can be found here:

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Thursday, February 21, 2008 

Brazil, Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo.

Brazil, Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo.

This post has no significance other than to serve as an experiment for me to see if I can get a dot on my ClustrMap in an area of my choice.

My theory is that if anyone in said location has Google News Alerts set up for the place they live, they should receive this blog post and follow the link and therefore put a dot on my map.

Currently, I have no dots whatsoever in South America so it will be obvious when a new one arrives.

What follows next is the keywords that hopefully Google will spider and despatch in its News Alert:

Brazil, Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo.

That should help narrow it down a little.

Let the experiment begin - and please feel free to leave a comment on how you came across this blog.

EDIT: 28/02/2008 - The results were disappointing. After one week I expected to see a dot on the map. Oh well, one cannot manipulate Google News for target areas I guess.

EDIT: 03/03/2008 - A dot has appeared at the exact location!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008 

Jarvis Cocker & Beth Ditto - Temptation.

Time for a quick post before I watch 'The Brits'.

Have this version of Heaven 17's 'Temptation' sung by Jarvis Cocker (PULP) and Beth Ditto (Gossip):

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008 


Well, the seed potatoes are in. I buried them a little deeper than suggested and also covered them with plastic and sheets to protect them a bit more from the current frost.

The potatoes were: Maris Bard - first earlies and Cara - main crop.

Fingers crossed!

Covered Potatoes.
(Click for bigger)

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Saturday, February 16, 2008 

Uh oh - seed potatoes are sprouting.


I bought these seed potatoes from Wyevale garden centre a few weeks ago and put them in a cardboard box to store until I was ready to plant them in say mid March.

I checked on them today and to my horror, the damn things have already started sprouting!

I was never going to chit them as I didn't last year and they came up anyway.

Thing is, these shoots are white and not a healthy green as they should be, so I am going to take a HUGE gamble on this and put them in tomorrow. I will put them a little deeper than usual to try and get them away from any ground frost that we may experience in the next few weeks. I am happy to bury them a bit deeper in the knowledge that it will not affect them at all, because last year (my first year) I put the seed potatoes WAY too deep but we still had loads of them.

Has any other allotee's ever planted potatoes this early?

Sprouting seed potatoes.
(Click for bigger)

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Darren's 11th Birthday.

Friday was Darren's Birthday so I booked a day off work and we all went to Ebbw Vale for a meal via the new rail link.

We arrived a bit early at the station in Risca which is within walking distance of our house, it was bitterly cold so we had to wait around for about 10mins or so.

When the train finally arrived we all got on and was surprised by the heat in the carriage which was very, very welcome. We were all excited as it was our first time on this newly re-opened track. Another thing that surprised me was the low fare of the journey. There were six of us altogether and it only cost £8.40 for a return from Risca to Ebbw Vale (£2.40 Adult / £1.20 Child / Under 6 yr olds go free) - this is a service that we will definately be taking advantage of.

The journey lasted about 30mins and it was quite interesting to see all the different towns from that position/view point. Cwmcarn/Abercarn/Westend especially so because we was on the other side of the river.

When we arrived at Ebbw Vale we walked to Brewers Fayre - Victoria Park? for a meal. The kids went off to play in the soft play area to let off some steam while waiting for the food to arrive.

After we all enjoyed our food and desserts (and my 4 pints!) we were ready to catch the train back home again where Darren could play with his R4DS that he had for his birthday.

Day out: 10/10 - we all had a great time.



THE OЯB - Vuja De - AGAIN!

This time I am writing about it because I have recently won an ebay auction for a promo only CD-R of 7 tracks :-)

It arrived through the post this morning and I have already ripped the tracks to MP3 and stored the CD-R with the rest of my ORB collection.

The winning bid of mine was £10.50 with £1.50 P+P. Quite a bargain when you learn that one went about a week ago for approx. £26!

THE ORB - Duja Ve
(Click for bigger)

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Sunday, February 10, 2008 

The Orb - Vuja De.

Listening post!

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008 

Ebbw Vale Parkway to Cardiff Central rail link to finally open.

The passenger rail link between Ebbw Vale and Cardiff is finally due to open tomorrow (Wednesday 6th February).

It comes after delays of more than a month due to driver familiarisation and bad fencing.

News sources state that It's the first time the rail link has been active in 45 years but I recall trains carrying steel and coal running on the Risca line certainly in my lifetime. I also remember the temporary opening of the line during the time that Ebbw Vale hosted the Garden Festival of Wales back in 1992.

At a cost of £30m the service offers hourly trains between stations based at: Ebbw Vale Parkway, Llanhilleth, Newbridge, Crosskeys, Risca/Pontymister, Rogerstone and Cardiff Central. At this time, Llanhilleth and Crosskeys are still under construction.

The new line has been criticised for not immediately running directly to Newport which is currently being regenerated in time to host the 2010 Ryder Cup at The Celtic Manor resort. The reason for this is due to line switch/junction problems based at the Gaer. I believe the council are going to offer local business' the opportunity to fund the replacment of these points/junctions in the near future. Currently, if one wishes to travel to Newport utilising the rail link, you have to catch the train to Rogerstone, then get a bus to Newport.

The new line will truly be put to the test this coming Saturday as rugby fans will take advantage of the service as they make their way to Cardiff for Wales' game against Scotland in the 2008 RBS 6 Nations competition.

In a few weeks time we are looking to make the journey from Risca/Pontymister to Ebbw Vale to take in the wonderful scenery that the new route has to offer.

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Monday, February 04, 2008 

Creepy kids animation on YouTube.

Here is a strange video I found on YouTube tonight (needs sound turned on):-

It's no wonder the kids of today are messed up after being subjected to this sort of thing! ;-)

Let me know what you think...

EDIT: After reading some of the comments on YouTube for this video, I now know that it was originally released as a feature length claymation film by Will Vinton titled: Comet Quest - The Adventures of Mark Twain.

Full version can be watched here:

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