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Thursday, April 06, 2006 


Hello and welcome to my blogspot.

Seeing as this is my very first blog, I shall start with an introduction of me and my family. As my profile states, My name is Kayle Garkut, I am 32 years young, in a longterm relationship with my loving girlfriend Louise. Our children consist of 1 boy and 2 girls - Darren (9), Lauren (6) and baby Mia (6 months)

We currently live in a terraced house with a small garden in a little town called Risca in the South Wales valleys. We share our home with 2 cats and a venus flytrap plant, our cats names are Patch and Jessie and as of yet, the venus flytrap plant remains nameless.

I hope to use this blog to document events that occur in our lives, to echo news of new releases that interest me and to serve as a general soapbox for my ramblings.

Thanks for reading.