Thursday, July 19, 2007 


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EDIT: This may seem like an insignificant post but it was posted without any physical connection to the internet :-)

I took the picture with my mobile phone then sent the image to my PDA via bluetooth. From there I connected the PDA to a wifi hotspot and sent the picture directly to this blog via email.

Cool eh?

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Sunday, July 01, 2007 

RhubORB Pie.

Louise made this pie for me with rhubarb from the allotment:


RhubORB pie!

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FreeCycle is a fantastic scheme where people offer unwanted goods that someone might be able to make use of instead of sending them to landfill.

Once signed up to your local FreeCycle group you can offer or request goods. Of course one has to be realistic about it and not request 'luxury' items!

So far we have offered and given away, a Sony playstation 1 with games and controllers, 2 sacks of teddies and a baby walker. We have received in return a selection of books.

It rewards you knowing that someone else can make use of something you no longer require and that your being 'green' by not filling up the land.

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July 1st - Smoking ban in England.

Ireland had theirs first followed by Scotland then Wales. Today marks the day where England finally plays catchup and introduces a smoking ban in public places.
I remember Wales' passing by with no problem what-so-ever and being an ex-smoker myself, remember coming home from a night out not feeling grubby and my clothes not stinking of smoke for the first time.

I cannot believe the fuss surrounding the ban in England and the ammount of advertising by the NHS on the lead up to the ban, which must have cost a small fortune of the already strained budget.

Just get on with it England.