Tuesday, June 27, 2006 

Battersea Power Station in 16 colours!

Here is an entry to the 16 colour pixel compo at the Outline 2006 party by Exocet.

The Orb and Pink Floyd fans should recognise the building depicted as Battersea Power Station.

The current graphic is in an un-finished state but Exocet tells me he hopes to finish it in the summer. :-)

It makes a nice retro looking wallpaper if you download it and stretch it to full screen!

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New wallpaper.

(Click for full screen view)


Saturday, June 24, 2006 

2,3,4 wheeled show pictures.

A bit late I know, but things have been a bit hectic around here lately.

Anyway here are some pictures in no particular order of the 2,3,4 wheeled show organised by The Grinning Idiots at Risca Rugby Club on June 4th 2006...

You can click any of the pictures for a bigger view.

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Sunday, June 04, 2006 

New project.

I have finally decided to collate ALL the chipmusic/scenemusic files I have downloaded in the past onto one DVD to save me having to look through loads of CDR's everytime I want to listen to a certain song.

Formats include: MP3's, MOD's (module), XM's (extended module), MID's (midi), FC's (future composer), SNDH's, YM's, plus a few extras such as: PC chipmusic demos from the likes of Razor1911 and Scoopex and a handful of music players that support the above formats.

So far it weighs in at just over 13,200 files (many of which contain more than one song!) and is 1.14GB in size.


Saturday, June 03, 2006 

SNDH Archive Update.

Just a quick post to echo the news that the SNDH archive (sndh.atari.org) has been updated to V2.2 by Grazey of the PHF.

SNDH files are nostalgic chipmusic files originating from the Atari ST that can hold not only one, but several songs. The tunes in the archive date way back to around 1985 right upto present day! The tunes are typically from oldskool Demos and Games.

To read more about the SNDH format and its history go here.

To listen to SNDH files on your PC grab yourself a copy of WINJAM or to listen on a MAC you can use XSC or if your a Linux user, then you can use Audio Overload (which is also available for PC and MAC)

Happy listening!

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