Sunday, April 30, 2006 

To tattoo or not to tattoo?

That is indeed the question.

I have been pondering on the idea of getting a sixteen pointed star on the back of my neck for ages now. Why a sixteen pointed star?....... The Orb.

Everyone I mention it to, says it will hurt real bad, but if I don't get it done I think I will regret it.

Will keep you posted...


Saturday, April 29, 2006 

Interpret as you like.

I spotted a nice picture of a once British owned Pooh Bear holding a pot of honey with the daubing 'DISNEY' underneath.

So out came the digital camera and one photoshop moment later came this:

(Click for full screen view)

The words American Ownership come to mind. Its ironic the way Winnie is winking isnt it?

BTW. It's an oil barrel from Iraq.


Wednesday, April 26, 2006 

Test from PDA

If you can read this then it means I have succesfully published a blog from my PDA via wifi :-)

In a nutshell, it is now possible for me to publish from ANYWHERE where wifi is available (I always knew wififofum would come in handy!)


Tuesday, April 25, 2006 

One for the lads!

Great link here to some 'babes' who react to your commands!

A couple of things to try are: 'jump, dance, etc' its upto you to find some hot commands..

By the powers of reverse engineering using a little program called 'SWF Decompiler' I am able to reveal all the commands available!. If you dont want to see them, then look away now...
For those of you who cant be bothered to find them out for yourself then scroll down!
"wave", "hello", "greetings", "hi", "wotcha", "howdy", "jump", "leap", "hop", "skip", "bounce", "totter", "heels", "run", "heels", "dolly", "panic", "flee", "tickle", "excite", "play", "fiddle", "laugh", "giggle", "chuckle", "happy", "laughter", "smile", "cry", "sob", "upset", "unhappy", "mewl", "bitch", "beg", "beg like a dog", "dog", "doggy", "hound", "bitch", "canine", "heat", "pant", "monty python", "monty", "python", "crush", "squish", "squash", "trample", "die", "kill", "murder", "girl", "sandwich", "threesome", "cuddle", "huddle", "group", "hug", "roast", "robot", "cyborg", "machine", "robotics", "computer", "suck", "lick", "finger", "plum", "plums", "lollypop", "sweet", "candy", "lollypops", "sweets", "pout", "mouth", "lips", "love", "jiggle", "shake", "wiggle", "gyrate", "flip", "bird", "minging", "ugly", "ripper", "hooker", "munter", "moose", "whore", "screw", "swear", "slag", "flirt", "prick", "tease", "smoulder", "sexy", "come", "want", "muscle", "strong", "flex", "muscleman", "iron", "man", "strength", "bulge", "funny", "silly", "dance", "david", "brent", "boogie", "office", "groove", "party", "lap", "leg", "balance", "stand", "over", "trip", "stumble", "fall", "collapse", "accident", "angry", "smash", "camera", "violence", "aggressive", "punch", "hit", "knock", "violent", "break", "shatter", "cleavage", "squeeze", "juicy", "fight", "tug", "war", "pull", "chicken", "hen", "peck", "wedgie", "camel", "toe", "hoof", "joke", "growler", "fanny", "punani", "revenge", "minge", "splits", "acrobat", "bendy", "agile", "contest", "arm", "wrestle", "change", "tyre", "fix", "flat", "wheel", "mend", "repair", "pissed", "drunk", "legless", "booze", "alcohol", "steaming", "wasted", "bolloxed", "chav", "asbo", "drink", "spank", "punish", "naughty", "kinky", "peach", "slap", "bad", "pat", "kiss", "snog", "make", "frenchie", "french", "tongue", "gay", "lesbian", "bum", "arse", "ass", "hotpants", "shorts", "hot", "pants", "behind", "sugar", "exhaust", "keys", "drop", "saucy", "bend", "stoop", "sauciness", "breast", "massage", "feel", "fondle", "grope", "boobs", "undress", "flash", "melons", "jugs", "kit", "tits", "bra", "hooter", "hooters", "orgasm", "cum", "climax", "moan", "writhe", "car", "hammer", "total", "wreck", "destroy", "scrap", "smash", "attack", "crash", "news", "paper", "easy", "read", "relax", "page", "3", "fuck", "shag", "back", "seat", "get it on", "love", "bang", "dirty", "drive", "sex", "banana", "fruit", "job", "blow", "hummer", "head", "taste", "dick", "chew", "bite", "stocking", "lingerie", "underwear", "angel", "suspenders", "knickers", "strip", "fashion", "slave", "groom", "spread", "flange", "wax", "detail", "bonnet", "hood", "fender", "polish", "shine", "shammy", "headlight", "bumper", "plate", "buff", "lather", "soap", "bubbles", "bubbly", "suds", "bucket", "sponge", "wash", "clean", "rinse", "valet", "wing", "mirror", "titwank", "wank", "wet", "shirt", "competition", "spray", "soak", "tim", "watering", "tee", "rub", "slick", "baby", "oil", "water", "pistol", "shower", "spray", "pose", "display", "sexy", "fit", "yoga", "pilates", "stretch", "exercise", "gym", "bootie", "shake", "grind", "work", "legs", "thighs", "lube", "extra", "funbags", "bury", "dyke", "puppies", "airbags", "airbag", "nuzzle", "photo", "snap", "model", "shoot", "lens", "lense", "glamour", "picture", "perform", "beach", "ball", "pig", "middle", "throw", "catch", "limbo", "lads", "floor", "pussy", "open", "boot", "herbie", "alive", "scare", "randy", "lucky", "auto", "foam", "soapy", "cheeky", "minx", "naked", "cherry", "cherries", "feed", "munch", "sauce", "give", "number", "write", "date", "fancy", "top", "gear", "jeremy", "clarkson", "magazine", "letch", "perv", "harass", "stalk", "stalker", "dildo", "cunt", "anal", "dildo", "penis", "piss", "shit", "golden", "Wave", "Jump", "Run", "Tickle", "Laugh", "Cry", "Beg", "Python", "Sandwich", "Robot", "Finger", "Candy", "Pout", "Jiggle", "Flip", "Flirt", "Muscle", "Dance", "Oneleg", "Fall", "Angry", "Cleavage", "Fight", "Chicken", "Camel", "Wedgie", "Splits", "Contest", "Fix", "Drunk", "Spank", "Spank2", "Kiss", "Bum", "Keys", "Breast", "BoobsAli", "BoobsJenna", "BoobsKarina", "Climax", "Hammer", "Relax", "Shag", "Banana", "CatwalkAli", "CatwalkJenna", "CatwalkKarina", "Slave", "Wax", "Polish", "Soap", "Washcar", "Wingmirror", "Wetshirt", "Oil", "oil", "Pistols", "Pose", "Yoga", "Bootie", "Thighs", "Funbags", "PhotoAli", "PhotoJenna", "PhotoKarina", "Ball", "Limbo", "Pussy", "Herbie", "Foam", "Cherry", "Number", "Topgear", "Rude"


Sunday, April 23, 2006 

PDA Theme - V

I made a new theme for my PDA yesterday. Its based on the new film 'V for Vendetta'.

Here's 2 low resolution screenshots:...

PDA Screenshot of V theme 1 PDA Screenshot of V theme 2

Download here.


Friday, April 21, 2006 

Plugeyed V2.0

After looking at the original, I felt it looked it bit flat, so I added a bit of depth by introducing a drop shadow onto the eyeball surface. I tried to capture the light source as best as possible (guessing from the light on the eye) as to where the shadow would drop.

(Click for full screen view)

Currently listening to: The Orb - Valley


Thursday, April 20, 2006 


I just discovered this old graphic hidden in 'My Documents'.

I made it ages ago after looking at the plughole in my bath oneday and imagining an eye in there looking back at me.

So, I took a digital picture of the plughole and made this:.......

(Click for full screen view)


Wednesday, April 19, 2006 

Easter Weekend.

I just about managed to keep it together Saturday morning while Louise was in work - never again will I go out on a Friday night (yeah right!). Mia was booked in for a photoshoot in Olan Mills in the afternoon and it went perfect, the best session so far. We decided on a 20 x 24inch canvas for the living room wall to match those of Darren's and Lauren's.

Easter Sunday was a quiet day as we had no plans to go out anywhere. The kids had their easter eggs (too many as per usual), Louise had her egg and I had a tub of Haribo Starmix :-) A roast turkey dinner was enjoyed by all in the afternoon, I also managed to put together pine bunk beds for Lauren and Mia (when she is old enough) without instructions! An early night to bed was planned for all after preparing everything for a day trip tomorrow to Brean.

Monday - Got up early and treated it like a school/work morning with all of us running around, trying to get ready quick so we could get on the road for 8:30. We did it! And managed to get to Brean in 65 minutes. I could have done it a lot faster if it was not for the roadworks on the M5 - 7 miles of 40mph :-( A great day was had by all and we are now looking forward to our holiday there in June.

Currently listening to: The Orb - Apple Tree In My Back Yard (Pete Lazonby Remix)


Friday, April 14, 2006 

Good Friday.

Today marks the first day of a looooong weekend :-) of course Mia does not know this, so decides to wake up at 6 am this morning.

We are all going to visit Cwmbran's Greenmeadow Community Farm today, possibly followed by a bit of shopping. Then later tonight my brother Dan is coming to the house at approx. 7 O' Clock for a small drink and then we will probably sneak off down the local for a couple more. Louise works from 7 am tomorrow though so I have to be careful what I drink tonight!

We had all better start to get ready then......

PDA charging... CHECK!
Digital Camera Batteries charging... CHECK!
2 x Mobile Phones charging... CHECK!

Now for breakfast.

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Thursday, April 13, 2006 

Derren Brown.

Bit of a late post this and I don't have a lot of time to write a lengthy review.

Last Saturday, Louise and myself went to the newly constructed Newport Riverfront to watch Derren Brown's live show titled 'Something Wicked This Way Comes'.

The show was divided into 2 acts with an interval seperating them.

Act 2 was IMO the best with Derren performing feats that is not suitable for Channel 4 to air on television. He even stated that the material is not suitable for people under the age of 12 and that they should leave the theatre. If they decided not to, then it is no responsibility of his!

I wont give anything away here as we were asked not to, but if you have seen any of Derren Brown's shows on TV and thats your sort of thing then I can definately recommend that you catch the live show as there are elements of it you will never see on TV!

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Saturday, April 08, 2006 

Summer Event in Risca.

There is an event planned for Risca in the summer! Organised by 'The Grinning Idiots'

Taken from the flier:

The Grinning Idiots
The 1st
Custom Bike - Scooter - Trike and Car Show!

6 Live Bands
& 50's Record Hop
Kids Entertainment
A Great Family Fun Day!
Gates open at 12 noon

Sunday 4th June 2006
At Risca Rugby Club
Admission Only £5.00 per person
(Under 16's Free, if accompanied by an adult no concessions)



The Grinning Idiots Patch

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Week in brief.

This week saw our first real glimpse of sunshine this year, which is good news considering both Darren and Lauren each had school trips.

Darrens trip was to Tredegar House in Newport which was built in the late 15th century. As well as the wonderful old house and beautiful gardens, it offers acres of land to picnic on, play games on, walk on, etc as well as a lake that you can go boating on.

Laurens trip was to St. Fagans - National History Museum. The site offers visitors a unique opportunity to see what it was like to live in Wales in the past. Among many things on display is the splendid Workmens Institute of Oakdale, carefully taken apart, brick by brick then relocated and pieced back together in its entirety.Sited near Cardiff and just off Junction 33 of the M4, it is easy to find. Last time we visited the carpark was only £2 and entrance was free!

Also this week, Mia got a baby-walker off her Bamp & Nan, so she is happy to be mobile, Louise took up swimming once a week and I have been working on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for the companies website (

And that concludes the week in brief.

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Thursday, April 06, 2006 


Hello and welcome to my blogspot.

Seeing as this is my very first blog, I shall start with an introduction of me and my family. As my profile states, My name is Kayle Garkut, I am 32 years young, in a longterm relationship with my loving girlfriend Louise. Our children consist of 1 boy and 2 girls - Darren (9), Lauren (6) and baby Mia (6 months)

We currently live in a terraced house with a small garden in a little town called Risca in the South Wales valleys. We share our home with 2 cats and a venus flytrap plant, our cats names are Patch and Jessie and as of yet, the venus flytrap plant remains nameless.

I hope to use this blog to document events that occur in our lives, to echo news of new releases that interest me and to serve as a general soapbox for my ramblings.

Thanks for reading.