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Wednesday, April 19, 2006 

Easter Weekend.

I just about managed to keep it together Saturday morning while Louise was in work - never again will I go out on a Friday night (yeah right!). Mia was booked in for a photoshoot in Olan Mills in the afternoon and it went perfect, the best session so far. We decided on a 20 x 24inch canvas for the living room wall to match those of Darren's and Lauren's.

Easter Sunday was a quiet day as we had no plans to go out anywhere. The kids had their easter eggs (too many as per usual), Louise had her egg and I had a tub of Haribo Starmix :-) A roast turkey dinner was enjoyed by all in the afternoon, I also managed to put together pine bunk beds for Lauren and Mia (when she is old enough) without instructions! An early night to bed was planned for all after preparing everything for a day trip tomorrow to Brean.

Monday - Got up early and treated it like a school/work morning with all of us running around, trying to get ready quick so we could get on the road for 8:30. We did it! And managed to get to Brean in 65 minutes. I could have done it a lot faster if it was not for the roadworks on the M5 - 7 miles of 40mph :-( A great day was had by all and we are now looking forward to our holiday there in June.

Currently listening to: The Orb - Apple Tree In My Back Yard (Pete Lazonby Remix)