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Saturday, June 03, 2006 

SNDH Archive Update.

Just a quick post to echo the news that the SNDH archive (sndh.atari.org) has been updated to V2.2 by Grazey of the PHF.

SNDH files are nostalgic chipmusic files originating from the Atari ST that can hold not only one, but several songs. The tunes in the archive date way back to around 1985 right upto present day! The tunes are typically from oldskool Demos and Games.

To read more about the SNDH format and its history go here.

To listen to SNDH files on your PC grab yourself a copy of WINJAM or to listen on a MAC you can use XSC or if your a Linux user, then you can use Audio Overload (which is also available for PC and MAC)

Happy listening!

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Pretty nice… I still prefer 8-bit Atari sounds, but it's nice too. I'm waiting for AY/YM emulator for XL/XE, announced by Święty/Zelax.

BTW, WinJam look nice, but eats system resources too quickly on my W98.

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