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Wednesday, August 30, 2006 

Another new project.

I have another new (probably never to be finished) project on the go.

I have obtained my old Amiga 500 with external second floppy drive and all my old disks containing my graphics and music that I created ages ago. My plan is to convert everything for prosperity purposes before the floppies eventually die using trustly old DOS to DOS. Apparently, the only way to convert files from the Amiga to PC is by using an Amiga because an Amiga can read PC/Atari formatted disks but PC/Atari cannot read Amiga formatted disks.

Anyway, so far I have managed to convert 22 of my modules, 37 of my mates modules (AKA Mr. Froy) and 2 of my graphics.

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Hey Buddy, i just redid my BOLG and added you to it again. I lost your stuff, but now i am back on it and have your site added to my BLOG!!!!!

Cheers! :-)

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