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Thursday, November 16, 2006 

This really annoys me.....

Getting into my car after it has been to a garage for an MOT and having to:...

1. Remove the plastic from the seat that is obviously put there to stop the seat from getting oily. Why leave it there for my back to get oily?

2. Remove the newspaper from the floor that always seems to have some young girl from Essex exposing her assets for the world and its wife to see.

3. Adjust the seat - fair enough, not everyones legs are the same length as mine.

4. Adjust the temperature and blowers - maybe the the mechanic was cold?

5. Change the radio station back to the one I listen to - Change the bloody radio station! What the hell were they doing? Joyriding my car around town all lunchtime with the windows down blasting this 'hip' radio station out or what ?!?!

I'm fairly certain it's not compulsory to make sure the cars radio can be tuned into 'Galaxy 101' to pass it's MOT.

I can just see it now.... "Your car failed the MOT because we could'nt tune in to our favourite station. It'll cost you [strokes chin, shakes head and sucks in air] .... £100." As every visit to the garage does.

Rant over.

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I often wonder the same thing...
I use Wall-Mart to change my OIL because ti si sooooo freaking Cheap over here. it costs me about $20 US to get my oil changed and i get my tires rotated free to boot! i purchased a "lifetime" tire rotation package for $20US their, os whenever i go to get my oil changed, i get my tires rotated and balanced!!!

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