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Wednesday, August 15, 2007 

August 15 lunchbox

2 slices of Welsh rarebit (Morrison's mature cheese on Braces white thick toast) - mmm cheesy!
Glass of warm orange juice
Mug of coffee

Drive to Work:
I don't recall anything eventful happening this morning - probably driving in a daze again. Only a few more weeks though until the kids are back in school and college and the roads are carnage.

2 slices of afore mentioned bread delightfully wrapped around 2 slices of dry cured honey roast ham
Packet (25g) of Walkers roast chicken crisps
Granny smith apple - chilled
Nectarine - chilled
2 mini babybel lights
Slice of afore mentioned cheese
7 cherry tomatoes
Fox's classic bar
Cadbury's mini roll

Random Thought
I should invent a gardening fork with ultrasound sensors built into the tips to relay an image to a screen mounted on the shaft, allowing gardeners to NOT spike their potatoes when digging them up. I suspect it will need a rather hefty battery which could be carried in a backpack, thus keeping the fork light. Future models would be more technical, utilising wireless technology to beam the image to a pair of goggles worn by the digger. The colour of the relayed imagery would look best in green.

This format was lifted directly from Sion Barry's world as a one off.
Let me know what you think.


Hi There,

I just read this post, and thought to myself "WHAT A WONDERFUL IDEA!!".

I think it's so novel that you catalogue every meal of the day- i only wish i had that sort of dedication.

Maybe then i wouldn't be about TO KILL MYSELF.

haha! I think that you are missing the satirical point...

Are you an American?

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