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Sunday, August 19, 2007 

SNDH Archive updated to version 2.7

v2.7 (August 16, 2007) 3000 up!

175 new SNDH files (180 tunes).
1 bug fixed SNDH file.

The SNDH archive hits 3000 files!

175 tunes I hear you say! Less than a month from the last SNDH pack?! Doesn't Grazey sleep?
Well the reason for the huge input of tunes is that I've written an automatic batch Music Studio to SNDH converter. Music Studio was perhaps the first chip editor on the ST. The bad news is that most of the tunes are chronic, apart from Ed Bogasand the tunes from Xevious and Metrocross :)

Apart from that we have new tunes released since v2.6 and also some exclusives including unreleased tunes from Matt '4-Mat' Simmonds, Allister Brimble and Martin 'Nuke' Iveson (all from the unreleased game - Arcade Classix).

Remember if you'd like to comment, give bugs or suggest a tune you would like, please feel free to post to our forum at :-


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