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Sunday, January 27, 2008 

Railway signal box at Risca

Here are some photographs of the site of the old signal box at Risca on Darran Road. It is on the Ebbw Vale to Cardiff line that is due to open this year. All pictures are clickable for a larger view.
I found this first one on the web. Unfortunately, I cannot remember what website is was but I think the original photographer used this signal box as a basis for a model railway signal box.

In the background you can see a white house that we used to call 'Dr Griffiths House'. I remember knocking and asking to scrump the apples from his garden. There are also allotments in the background which would later become the new Risca surgery. What I find interesting about this photograph is the fact that there is no road going over the railway line then down to the right, also there are roofs of what look like houses just past the wall. These are no longer there as it is now a cenotaph.
Railway signal box at Risca 1

I originally took the photograph below to reflect the differences between these first two pictures. It was taken sometime in 2007. Little did I know at the time that the signal box was soon to be demolished!
Railway signal box at Risca 2

Again, this photo was taken in 2007, probably towards the end of summer. What it shows is the lack of signal box.
Railway signal box at Risca 3

And finally, this photo was took today (27/01/2008). The old characteristic signal box has been replaced with a dull, featureless, grey power? box.
Railway signal box at Risca 4

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