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Tuesday, November 28, 2006 

Chiptune ringtones.

I finally upgraded my mobile phone from a trusty old Nokia 3330 (single colour screen, monophonic ringtones, no camera, no bluetooth) to a slightly more modern Motorola L6 which boasts colour screen, camera, mp3 player, bluetooth, etc.

Let the customisation begin! I started by uploading a nice full colour Atari logo for the wallpaper and next I needed a new ringtone.

Although the supplied ringtones were pretty good, I needed something a bit different so I dumped a few SNDH chiptunes out of WinJam saving them as WAV's, edited them in SoundForge to make sure they were 'punchy' from the start and did not include a slow, building intro, then cropped them at around the 1 minute mark and added a fade out.

Finally I converted the WAV's to MP3's using good old AudioCatalyst at a lowish bitrate of 112 kbps to save space on the memory of the mobile phone.

Chiptunes selected were:

CPU Eater by 505
Mega Apocalypse (Union Demo) by Mad Max
Mindbomb Main Menu (Quizmaster) by Mad Max
Sanxion Loader by Big Alec (Digidrum version)
Sharpness Buzztone by Jess
Sunburns by Dma-Sc
(Right Click and 'Save Target As...' to download)



Nice to see that you have finally joined in to the techno era, and have stopped putting that brick to your ear.

Sounds as if you are well up on the techno stuff, I recently purchased a Nokia N80 it has all the knobs and whistles on it, but the damm thing keeps freezing. Hope you have better luck than me I say keep to the old and trusty,you know where you are then.

Yeah, got some chiptunes on mine too. Odd Stuff Main by Dma-Sc, MOD cover of There Are Many Sheep In Outer Mongolia (orig by Mad Max), Funky Stars by Dubmood (I think) and some other chippies from the Amiga/PC scene

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