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Tuesday, November 28, 2006 

ISP Switch - with a happy ending!

I used to pay £20 per month to BT for telephone line rental and call costs. I also used to pay Virgin.net £25 per month for my 8MB broadband, a total of £45 per month.

Shopping around a few weeks ago I noticed a flyer for PIPEX homecall package which is basically, line rental, call costs and 8MB broadband all for only £29.99 per month.

I signed up for it and a few weeks later the switch over happened with no problems at all.

The outcome is this: I am now saving £15 per month and I have a FREE spare ADSL modem with 2 micro filters. :)

And the happy ending?...

I got a cheque the other day from BT for £46 as the account at time of closing was in credit! :-D