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Saturday, January 27, 2007 

A tattoo is for life not just for Christmas.

Well, I finally got it done!

A sixteen pointed Orb star tattoo that I have wanted for years, courtesy of Louise who knew I wanted it done - thanks babe!

I scanned the image from the back of a 12" Little Fluffy Clouds vinyl, then inverted it, cleaned it up a bit, modified the tips of the points of the stars then shrunk it. My tattoo is unique :-)

The picture below was taken 2 hours after the tattoo was finished, hence the redness, swelling, etc.

My Orb Tattoo.
(Click for larger view)

Im very happy with it and would definately have another one (or two!)

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you've lost it mate - thats pretty funny... hehehe..

that's a fairly common pattern used in old world compass

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