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Monday, January 15, 2007 


OK - enough is enough, this has to stop.

All the spam I receive lately seems to be focussed on one thing only - weight loss via magic pills!

Here is a list of genuine subject lines that I found mildly ammusing with my favourite 'top 5' at the bottom:

Achieve picture perfect weight and enjoy life.
A simple and safe way to weigh less.
Be leaner and slimmer by next week.
BE like a normal MAN.
Become fit and happy again.
Check out the wonders of pound melting.
Get rid of extra pounds and enjoy life.
Get rid of the pounds you hate.
Getting thinner can be enjoyable.
Get thinner, feel better.
Get more energy and get rid of fat.
Healthy living with less fat.
Join the thousands of people who got slim.
Keep weight off and enjoy life!
Less weight - more pleasure and joy.
Lean and mean is in.
Look in the mirror and enjoy the new you.
Melt away pounds with Anatrim.
Melt away fat easily.
Natural way to better weight.
Never be shy to take your shirt off again!
Not comfortable with your weight?
Obesity is dangerous, stop it.
Organic way to eat less and feel better.
Pounds down, mood up.
Reinvent yourself as being slim.
Say goodbye to extra pounds.
Seeking to stop your weight gains?
Shed weight now and enjoy the process.
Started buying bigger clothes recently?
Stop gaining weight before it is too late.
Stop being obese and unhappy.
Stop being a food addict!
Thinking you eat too much?
This blend will help you get thinner.
Try the new weight loss herb.
Watch your body change with Anatrim.
Women will love your new figure.
Your extra pounds are not in fact you.
Your food cravings can be combated.
You'll love the new, non-obese you.

Top 5:

1. Stop the painful craving for more food.
2. Make your fat friends envy you.
3. Get out of the obese crowd.
4. End the annoying obesity now.
5. One chin is enough - get rid of the rest!

It's a good job I'm not a gullible person with low self esteem. For if I were, I could be in danger of actually buying some of these placebo's.

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