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Tuesday, January 16, 2007 

Wi-Fi Sniffing.

Yesterday morning en-route to work, I scanned for Wi-Fi hotspots and was surprised by the results.


79 Wi-Fi locations were detected in total.
68 of these were ACCESS POINTS (AP).
30 had WEP dis-abled!!!
49 had WEP enabled.

All these were found between 8:36am - 8:49am which also includes a 2 minute stop to drop the kids off to school.
Distance covered: 4.2 miles.

About half the journey is via a by-pass. If I took an alternative route to work there would be a lot more!

The scanning software I use is WiFiFoFum on my Dell Axim X50v.

TIP: Turn off the power saving features of your PDA/Laptop to eliminate possible shutdown/hibernation which could result in loss of Wi-Fi hotspot detection.

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