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Friday, February 02, 2007 

Computer maintenance.

I need to install an extra hard drive tonight.

When I bought the computer (Hewlett Packard Pavilion) about 18 months ago, it only had one hard drive in it so EVERYTHING is stored on that drive which includes, digital camera photos, all my music and graphics, so forth and so on.

Lately, it has been getting progressively slower with lots of hard drive noise - not a good sign! To top it off, the Lightscribe burner that come supplied now refuses to read CD's/DVD's yet alone write to them hence my having to stick another drive in.

The plan is this: Add an 80Gb secondary hard drive to move all my files over to, leaving only installed applications on the primary hard drive. I will then un-install a load of stuff I hardly use/don't need before running a complete defrag overnight.


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