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Monday, April 16, 2007 


This is what I call my makeshift propaganda propagation area:

(click for bigger)

The vegetables in this picture are:
Broad Beans
French Beans
UNKNOWN Beans! (now believed to be black beans)
Polish Pumpkins

Fingers crossed that they all grow strong enough to transfer to the allotment plot! :)

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Hi Kayle
Dafydd's Dad here, this is where i go for some info for what to plant in my allotment

Hi Geoff.

Thanks for your post and for the link, I have already bookmarked it and will check it out later.

Although there are loads of great sites on the interweb I have found that all the information I need can be found on the allotment itself in the form of knowledge from all the 'professional' gardners!

I learned the other day that there is a type of shop called 'The Allotment Shed' on Crosskeys allotment that sells things very cheaply - I will be checking that out soon for some bean poles.

Well, happy growing!

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