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Monday, October 22, 2007 

Another nice purchase.

This weekend saw another nice purchase on the electrical front.

Seeing that our Wii and my PDA both have Wi-Fi capabilities, I thought it was time I upgraded my trusty old Alcatel Speedtouch ADSL USB modem to a swanky new Belkin Wireless G+ MIMO Modem Router.

The installation didn't quite go to plan so I needed to make a phonecall to my ISP (Pipex) to verify my password and also to Belkin's call centre in India when I got really stuck :-( however, after a few minutes the router was up and running (all I had to do was select 'Never dial a connection' in Internet Options/Connections) and I was free to play with my new toy.

PDA test first - not a bad range. I can now surf the web/check my mail/use MSN messenger in the bathroom lol!

Wii test - this was a piece of cake to set up. A quick Wi-Fi scan and the Wii found the router straight away, I selected it as the main source and that was it. The Wii update took a while but it was the first one, and so expected. I then bought 1000 points for £7 and used 500 of them to buy [via download] the Opera browser to allow us to surf the web using the Wii in the living room.

Surfing the web from the comfort of your sofa in your living room is a great experience. To see the internet on a big TV screen is novel at first but then becomes a bit of a problem due to the distance that you sit from it. Text becomes unreadable - help is on hand though in the guise of a zoom facility built into the browser! What impressed me most with this function, is the fact that the fonts do not get pixelated when zoomed fully in. I guess the browser utilises scalable fonts to keep the vector data i.e. like a .PDF does.

All in all, a great piece of kit and I am very happy with my purchase!

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Hi mate you'll be wanting an iPhone next to connect to your router

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