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Tuesday, October 16, 2007 

Nintendo Wii stock shortage.

So. It began last Saturday when Darren and I went shopping for a Nintendo Wii.

Unbeknown to me at the time and much to our disappointment, all the shops we tried were sold out :-(

Curry's told us: "Everywhere has sold out. We are not sure when we will get some in."

Tesco told us: "We have none in stock, but we should be getting some in at the end of the month."

Comet told us: "Shall I laugh now or later?" - bastard! He also said "We [Comet] have taken 18 paid orders and Woolworths (opposite) have taken 120 paid orders."

We got home and Louise had been looking on
E-BAY. There are plenty there - if you fancy taking a chance and paying over the odds for one. I certainly did not.

It was not looking good and I started to believe that we would not be able to get one until after Christmas.

That is until I found this site:

It's a fantastic site that lists lots of shops that sell the Wii and their current (up-to-date) stock level.

At my time of viewing (1:28PM Saturday) there was a notice at the top of the site stating that only two online shops currently had stock (
Gamestation and John Lewis), and that they probably would not have stock for very long so get in there quickly!

I did precisely that by following the link to John Lewis and by 1:44PM had ordered my Wii bundled with Wii sports, Wii play and an extra controller+nunchuck. :-)

My advice to anyone who is looking for a Wii but is having trouble locating one, is to regularly visit:
wiipreorder, and if you see some in stock, ORDER IT THEN! The site also has an email service where it will send out an email the moment it gets updated, therefore keeping you informed the moment stock becomes available.

UPDATE (17/10/07 - 19:07): I received an email today from John Lewis notifying me of the despatch. Just have to wait now...

UPDATE (18/10/07) - 17:49): It arrived! :-)

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