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Monday, January 28, 2008 

Allotment plan.

This is my plan of the allotment plot showing what was grown last year. I done this to assist me in crop rotation and to help me remember what I planted where to avoid planting in the same places again this year. I have printed it off and so far, penned in what I would like to grow this year.

So far my list contains the following:

Potatoes - First earlies.
Potatoes - Main crop.
Red Onions.
White Onions.
Kidney Beans.
French Beans.
Still unknown Beans!
Pumpkins (Racer).
Polish Pumpkins.
Butternut Squash.
Parsnips (White Gem).
Spring Onions.

It's going to be a busy (and hopefully productive) second year!

Risca Allotment Plot Plan - 2007
(Click for bigger)

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