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Friday, May 09, 2008 

Friday May 9th.

Not the most exciting title for a post but neither is the content. I just fancy wrapping a few things up...

The car is finally fixed after about two weeks having to put up with the eye opener that is public transport. Turns out the ECU was faulty after all and had to be sent off for repair. Overall cost: £350 approx. I will not forget those bus journeys for a while I can tell you.

(Click for bigger)

Managed to do a bit around the plot last night. I transferred some Tom Thumb Lettuce, hoed between the onions again, re-filled the slug traps with Morrisons bitter that only cost 97 pence for 4 cans! and scattered some slug pellets.

The rhubarb leaves that have been breaking down in water for nearly a week now absolutely stink and look awful. I'm really not sure about putting the stuff anywhere near my veg. If anyone has tried this as an organic slug pesticide and knows it is safe to do so, please let me know.

The beans are now on day gawd-knows. I looked away, looked back and this has happened:
Last Picture of Beans
(Click for bigger)

The damn things have gone a bit mad. I'm not even sure if they are edible at this size, especially with the little leaves they have developed within their own eco system in a jar. This is the last picture of beans I promise.

I have seen on quite a few allotment blogs lately, pictures of the bloggers allotment from Google Maps. Well, here is mine in Risca:
Plot From Above
(Click for bigger)

And finally, Louise and I are off to watch Richard Digance tomorrow night at Newports Riverfront Theatre. Should be good.

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