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Thursday, May 15, 2008 

What a day...

This morning, after awaking from my recurring, horrible dream of all my teeth falling out into my cupped hands I felt a little disconnected from my surroundings and generally strange.

It was then around 10:45am when Louise called me in work telling me not to worry but she was on her way to the hospital in an ambulance with Mia because she had fell asleep after her morning bottle of tea (which is not like her at all) and after a while, started to have, what can only be described as a mild fit.

Worry of the highest order naturally occured, then about 7 hours later, (still in the hospital), it is confirmed to us that Mia most likely suffered a Febrile Convulsion and will therefore have to stay in overnight as this is the policy of the health trust for children that have these for the first time.

We were also told that a Febrile Convulsion normally affects children betweeen the ages of 6 months to 6 years, that it is caused not by a high temperature reached but by the speed of a which a high temperature is reached and that she may suffer from them again in the future in the case of illness, especially ones that cause a high temperature.

As you can imagine, lots of driving, packing clothes, driving again, picking up kids, buying chippie food and then organising stuff ensued (though not in that order). My main focus is now ensuring that tomorrow morning goes smoothly, getting Darren and Lauren off to school before going back to the hospital to (hopefully) collect Louise and Mia to bring them home after the pediatrician gives the go ahead.

That brings us to here.

Does this post make sense?

What a day...

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