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Saturday, February 03, 2007 

Computer maintenance cont...

What a nightmare!

There was no spare 3.5" bays, so I had to strip out a front facia thing that had on it: 2 x USB 2.0 ports, 1 x Firewire port and a speaker/mic/headphone jack. I never used it so it does not matter (see below).

Front facia that came out of HP Pavilion PC to make room for second hard drive.
(Click for larger view)
After finally getting the drive in I had to format it to NTFS as I only wanted 1 partition.

Formatting took what felt like a lifetime.

I moved the data over (14Gb) then erased it from C:\ and emptied the recycle bin that took about 45 mins!

I did a final clean up and update of Media Player/Windows/Java/Anti Virus before defragging this morning.

All I need to do now is re-install Adobe Flash Player, Google Toolbar, Yahoo!, MSN and then any other programs as and when I need them.

Success! The computer is definitely running a lot faster.


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