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Saturday, February 03, 2007 

Computer maintenance cont.........................!

F**KSOCKS! No sound coming from PC :(

I suspected it was from where I removed the front facia thing, so re-connected it to confirm my theory.

Ta-da! That was it.

A quick touching of pins with a screw driver to find out which ones needed a jumper and it was fixed. The jumper came from the Lightscribe burner that does not work - so something good came from something bad!

Offending jumper.
(Click for larger view)

I can now listen to Nectarine again :-)

EDIT: I just realised that only the left speaker is working. In order to get the right speaker working I had to introduce another jumper (not shown). I had to scrounge this jumper from a neighbour (thanks Mitch!). It connects vertically, right in the middle of the block of pins.


On Dec 31, i did some major upgrades to my system. I got a 22'' LCD monitor, (2) 320gig SATA300 drives(7200rpm 16meg cache) and a few other items. IT took over 4 hours to copy all the data from my (2) 200 gig drives to their new homes. I enjoy doing comp work. i love my monitor!!!

Hi Rob.

Good to hear from you.
That set-up sounds nice :)

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