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Sunday, April 29, 2007 

Allotment update.

Time for an update of the allotment plot.

Well, things certainly happen fast on a plot. Prior to this weekend the potatoes that I planted have started to show and I had also planted Lettuce, Broccoli, Pumpkin and Radish.

The Radish seem to have fallen victim to either burning (by overuse of liquid feed) or small bugs as there are lots of little holes in the leaves. Im not hopeful for them at all. The Lettuce, Broccoli and Pumpkin are all looking good however. I have took measures against slugs with these plants by purchasing blue pellets and laying them down.

This weekend was a very productive time as I managed to get a lot done but not all that I planned :(
I turned another 3 sections (also de-glassed as there is loads of glass), emptied one of the water butts that was half full of old, rotting manure/egg shells/etc. this butt is now just full of fresh water. I did some more planting of Carrots (from seedlings), Carrots (from seeds), Parsnips (from seeds) and I got my broad beans in (19 in with 5 'spares' just in case). I also had to 'Earth up' the potatoes to help produce a higher yield.

I will have to get some photos for the next update.

Here is a brief 'ToDo' list off the top of my head:

Lift a single Rhubarb plant that is on its own.
Turn and prepare 2 final sections.
Prepare second half of second bean line (including sticks).
Plant beans.
Get more sticks from Lou's Dad and the 'Allotment Shed'.
Transfer Polish Pumpkins when strong enough.
Empty/sort through old tool bunker.
Sort herb garden.