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Thursday, February 21, 2008 

Brazil, Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo.

Brazil, Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo.

This post has no significance other than to serve as an experiment for me to see if I can get a dot on my ClustrMap in an area of my choice.

My theory is that if anyone in said location has Google News Alerts set up for the place they live, they should receive this blog post and follow the link and therefore put a dot on my map.

Currently, I have no dots whatsoever in South America so it will be obvious when a new one arrives.

What follows next is the keywords that hopefully Google will spider and despatch in its News Alert:

Brazil, Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo.

That should help narrow it down a little.

Let the experiment begin - and please feel free to leave a comment on how you came across this blog.

EDIT: 28/02/2008 - The results were disappointing. After one week I expected to see a dot on the map. Oh well, one cannot manipulate Google News for target areas I guess.

EDIT: 03/03/2008 - A dot has appeared at the exact location!

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