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Saturday, February 16, 2008 

Uh oh - seed potatoes are sprouting.


I bought these seed potatoes from Wyevale garden centre a few weeks ago and put them in a cardboard box to store until I was ready to plant them in say mid March.

I checked on them today and to my horror, the damn things have already started sprouting!

I was never going to chit them as I didn't last year and they came up anyway.

Thing is, these shoots are white and not a healthy green as they should be, so I am going to take a HUGE gamble on this and put them in tomorrow. I will put them a little deeper than usual to try and get them away from any ground frost that we may experience in the next few weeks. I am happy to bury them a bit deeper in the knowledge that it will not affect them at all, because last year (my first year) I put the seed potatoes WAY too deep but we still had loads of them.

Has any other allotee's ever planted potatoes this early?

Sprouting seed potatoes.
(Click for bigger)

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