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Thursday, March 27, 2008 


I did not visit the plot tonight and slightly regreted it after looking at the clock at 6:30pm and noticing how light it still was! I could have squeezed at least an hour in tonight if I hadn't have had my haircut booked in for 5:30pm. Nevermind the clocks go forward this weekend doubling that time to two hours per evening after work. :-)

Speaking of cutting, I am going to make some Sage and Lavender cuttings on my next outing to the plot, whenever that may be as the weather for the coming 5 days is rain, rain and more rain according to the BBC.

Making cuttings will be another first for me. It looks simple enough. I won't be using any powder or honey to help the rooting so will make many cuttings to enhance my chances of success.

Other jobs on the agenda:

Dig/de-weed final 6 meters of the last line.
Plant 100 onion sets (50 red and 50 white).
Sink some poles for my bean lines.
Tidy up the herb section.
Empty the mint pot and obtain some new mint from another allotee.
Set-up mini greenhouse.