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Sunday, March 30, 2008 

Lots done today.

Well, what a pleasant surprise the weather was today. Seeing that the prediction was supposed to be loads of rain, I didn't have any plans so made the most of it.

I finally managed to dig the last bit thats been hanging around for a while now. I also managed to plant all the red and white onion sets, empty the mint pot that produced bad mint last year (silver leaves), set up my mini greenhouse that was given to me from freecycle, I took some sage and lavender cuttings and even set-up 4 slug traps I got from Lidls a few weeks ago.

All in all a VERY productive day methinks!


Wow you have been busy - I will keep popping back to see its all going.

I still haven't had chance to put my onions in - the ground has been to wet.

At last sunshine today - but more urgent things to do - always the way isn't it?

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