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Wednesday, April 02, 2008 


Been on a course today about how to make successful telesales. Nuff said.

In other news - the wind blew my mini green house over the other morning so I sunk 2 eyes into the wall so I can secure it with a piece of rope. I lost my sage and lavender cuttings :-( . Not to worry, there's plenty of time to take more.

Planted a small line of turnips and parsnips tonight as the sun was shining and I managed to get home a little earlier than usual because of the early finish of the course. Also popped a few radish in just to see if we can get some early ones...

Louise and I are about to settle down with a bottle of 'Good Spanish White' from Morrisons and a film called 'Grow Your Own'. I learned about this film from Allotment Plot 48's blog.