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Monday, April 28, 2008 

Beansprouts and Buses.

Future Mrs Garkut is attempting to grow some beansprouts. I say attempting because everything she touches does not grow. Tonight they are having their initial soak, after that they have to be thoroughly cleaned through the muslin (or an old cut up pair of tights) twice a day until ready to be eaten (or thrown into the compost bin as another failed experiment).

Future Mrs Garkuts Beansprouts.
(Click for bigger)

I will monitor their progress regularly and get a piccy.

In other news, it's now been nearly a week without the car due to an ECU? problem. I am hating public transport the more I use it. It's not cheap and the people? I share the journey with are either en route to the local college or the local comprehensive school. Imagine, if you can, I always have to settle for an aisle seat which means I have to first select my travel buddy. I always try to pick the cleaner looking ones with headphones in. An aisle seat is crap let me tell you. Buses have shrunk the size of the seats over time and now when subjected to sitting, nay perching on one you are continually battered with rucksacks and bags when the kids are getting off the bus. Of course, this happens after trying to read my travel buddies body language out of the corner of my eye who expects me to get up without them actually saying anything. To make it worse, the comprehensive kids get off on any one of 3 stops! therefore any twitch detected can lead to a false alarm and me looking stupid.

Gawd I hope the car gets fixed soon as I need it keep my sanity, oh and to get us all on holiday in 3 weeks time to Doniford Bay.

Have you tried public transport lately?

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