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Tuesday, April 29, 2008 

Buses pt2.

I'm being punished for slagging off buses on my last post. Oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound.

In less than 24 hrs of my last post, look what happened:
Rip off.

The one on the left was Monday's and the other is today's. 10p increase!

I think the problem is that Stagecoach make their seats too small, width and depth. They cater perfectly for slim, short people. Tall people have to suffer by pressing their knees into the hard plastic seat whereas people who are carrying a little too much weight have to literally share the seat of their travel buddy as one seat is not wide enough.

I quite easily fall into the single seat catagory but I am a little on the tall side. However, I have worked out that It helps if you sit with a straight back with your bum right to the back of the seat to maximise the space for you legs.

This mornings selection of travel buddy was just aweful, I stopped at one to indicate I wanted to sit down but this persons rucksack obviously needed the seat more than me, so I carried on to a seat where the person was basically taking up the both seats by sitting across them diagonally. I hesitated, saw no reaction muttered 'oh for f**ks sake' then moved on to find a seat to perch on.

Perhaps Stagecoach should either print pamphlets/posters to educate on how to sit on the seats properly and to explain that the seats are for people not bags or measure and weigh passengers before charging a fare and offer subsidies for the slimmer, shorter ones.

I might run a little experiment to test how eligible I am as a travel buddy.

Bean update day two:

Beansprouts Day 2
They have been drained and cleaned and swollen a little bit.

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