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Saturday, May 03, 2008 

Another Fine Day.

Spent some time on the plot today and achieved this:

Sharpened 2 x hoes then hoed between the onions and strawberry plants.
Turned over the salad bed and mixed in some growmore pellets for good measure.
Cleaned out the tool bunker that I have been meaning to do that since last year.
Planted some sun flowers in pots for now.
Planted 8 x Kohlrabi.

This evening, Louise picked some rhubarb to make rhubarb crumble and with the leaves I ripped them up, placed them into a large bucket, filled it with water and then placed a brick on the leaves to weigh them down.
Apparently, after the leaves have broken down and fermented, the water can be used as a pesticide against slugs. Try anything I will.

Slug Repellent

(Click to enlarge)

Here are some shots of the mini green house thing and some of its contents:

Mini Green House
(Click to enlarge)

Lettuce (Tom Thumb):
Lettuce (Tom Thumb)
(Click to enlarge)

Pumpkin (Racer) that Mia planted:
Pumpkin (Racer)
(Click to enlarge)

The beansprouts (Adzuki) have not changed much since last time I looked at them. This is day 6 I beleive.
Adzuki Bean Sprouts Day Six
(Click to enlarge)

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