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Monday, May 05, 2008 

Bank Holiday.

Woohoo - what a day!

I managed to get a fair bit done again and feel VERY pleased about it despite the sunburn (cant actually remember the sun shining) AND blisters :-/

Stuff done:
More Radish and Spring Onions sewn.
I had some Shallots given to me so I got those in.
Turned and fed the 2 bean lines and got the poles in place.
Sowed 3 types of beans.
Tidied up the place and fully replenished the water in the two butts and constructed a little surface for the propagators to sit on, up away from the slugs.

View of plot
(Click for bigger)

The spuds are now looking well established:
(Click for bigger)

This is my little experimental, organic slug repellent using Rhubarb leaves and water. Its only been 2 days and already the leaves are starting to break down and have made the water murky. Rhubarb leaves fermenting in water
(Click for bigger)

Last and least, beans day 8:
Beansprouts day 8
(Click for bigger)

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